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Thousands of dollars worth of vandalized material at Paint Rock Valley H.S.

Jackson County deputies are on the look out for four suspects related to the Paint Rock Valley High school vandalism.
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Kevin McBride, the principal of Paint Rock Valley High school, received a gut wrenching call yesterday morning. He was told his school had been broken into, and vandalized. 

“When I walked through the door I noticed there was fire extinguishers discharged in the school. I saw a lot of broken things, cameras, and broken broom handles on the floor so I immediately called the authorities,” he said. 

Among the mess was broken glass from vending machines, partially used beer bottles and broken security cameras. The suspects attempted to cover up their tracks by spraying fire extinguishers all throughout the school. 

“Right now there’s about $4,000 worth of damages just for the cameras and the equipment that went with the cameras,” McBride said. 

The suspects got into the school through a window. From there they went around and took down all the security cameras. Fortunately, McBride is able to share footage with the suspects in it to Jackson County officials. 

Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies are on the lookout for four suspects, two men and two women. All four are suspected to be in their late teens, early 20’s. If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.