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Think studying abroad is just a dream? International Fest makes it a reality

Festival organizers tell us this is the perfect program to hold in a growing and diverse city like Huntsville.


Alabama A&M University held its first International Day Festival, Thursday evening. 

Representatives from countries all over the world came on campus to show students the possibilities outside the AAMU classroom. 

Scholarship opportunities, grant options and more were shared with students to make studying and working abroad a real possibility. 

Organizers say, programs like these make all the difference-- especially in North Alabama.

We spoke with Dr. Amy Zhang, the AAMU International Program Coordinator. She tells us this is the perfect program to hold in such a growing and diverse city. Zhang adds, “If you look at Huntsville, so many companies have diverse employees and they have different locations all over the world. So it’s important for our students to compete, to learn how to adapt to the global economy.” 

Students were able to sample foods from different parts of the world and talk to program coordinators from different companies.