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Tailgate with the Taste of Huntsville Preview

If you love food, you'll want to know about the 43rd Annual Taste of Huntsville, which is coming up on October 2nd.
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If you love food, you’ll want to know about the 43rd Annual Taste of Huntsville, which is coming up on October 2nd. This year’s theme is Tailgate with the Taste of Huntsville, where more than 30 local restaurants will serve delicious food.

Jessica Knox, chairperson for 2018 Taste of Huntsville explained that the purpose of the event is to raise money for two local non-profit charities. “The charities touch souls in our community that may not get the help that they need in everyday life,” said Knox. “These two specific charities — Downtown Rescue Mission and Harris Home for Children — they’re able to touch those people within the community.”

Participating restaurants will have the chance to compete for the Taste of Huntsville trophy. The event will be held at the VBC South Hall.

For more information on participating in and attending the event as well as purchase tickets, click here