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Students from across the country build rockets for NASA competition

Forty-five teams from twenty states went through an eight-month long engineering design process.

Fifty years ago, a Saturn V rocket launched Apollo 11 into orbit. Today, high school and college students from across the country gathered at Bragg Farms in Toney, Alabama to launch their own rockets.

Forty-five teams from twenty states competed in NASA’s Student Launch Competition. The teams went  through an eight-month long engineering design process.

Student Launch Project Manager, Katie Wallace, said, “They present three times to NASA where we check their design, make sure it’s safe, make sure it’s technically correct.”

Each rocket had to have a student-built payload. It could either be a rover that collects a soil sample or a drone that lands at a certain location.

North Carolina State University student, Harvey Hoopps, said his team decided on a UAV quadcopter.

“When it lands, it deploys and it flies away to our target out on the field,” said Hoopps.