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Stovehouse’s new food garden

Huntsville’s Stovehouse offers an outdoor food garden with a variety of cuisines.

Huntsville’s Stovehouse offers an outdoor food garden where folks can choose from a variety of cuisines. The food garden is essentially a gourmet food court where folks can try different restaurants, with the option of sitting outside in the courtyard area.

Work is still underway as many of the restaurants at Stovehouse are preparing to open their doors. Restaurant cuisines include Mexican, Italian, BBQ, and Mediterranean.

“It’s not the traditional everyday food. You can get Italian, Lebanese, and Mexican,” said Abrahim Hassan, second chef and co-owner of Fresko Grille. “I think that brings a lot to Huntsville.”

As of now, Fresko Grille, which is offers Mediterranean cuisine, is the only restaurant open. It’s open Monday through Saturday for lunch from 11am-2pm and for dinner from 4pm to close.

Taqueria El Cazador is expected to open at Stovehouse in about two weeks. There is still a space available at Stovehouse for another restaurant.

Click here to watch as Hassan talks about his restaurant’s Mediterranean cuisine.