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State of Madison County Schools address focuses on creating an elite school system

Superintendent Matt Massey outlined his vision in the State of the Schools address Thursday.

Big goals for the future of Madison County Schools. Superintendent Matt Massey outlined his vision in the State of the Schools address Thursday.

Madison County Schools is ranked number one in academic achievement, among large school systems in the state of Alabama. Thursday night, in his State of the Schools address Superintendent Matt Massey outlined qualities of an elite district.

“Extracurricular program that is robust, an athletic program that is strong, but also your academic performance is there, so you have to be able to provide everything,” said Superintendent Matt Massey.

Madison County Schools is one of the lowest funded districts in the state. Massey said they have to be fiscally responsible and has made school safety a priority. 

“Getting in and out of our schools, we have made that a very rigorous process. We’re going to check you, nobody anymore walks in and out of school,” he explained.

He’s also focusing on programs that support academics, including STEM.

“Doing that very early in elementary, but we’re also getting that all the way through high school. That includes robotics, cyber, computer science and very rigorous math and science classes,” Massey continued.

Massey said the biggest challenge for the district has been student services. They have recently added mental health counselors in every school.

“We have six social workers that help take care of their needs at home and in the school, because if they are not safe, if they are coming to school hungry, they’re not going to learn in the classroom, so all of that contributes to that learning that we want to have,” said Massey.

Massey also said workforce development is stronger than ever, with more students graduating from the Career Academy than ever before in the history of the school system.