State Lawmaker Plans To Push For Bible Classes In Alabama Schools

Any type of religion is schools has always been a controversial topic, but Senator Tim Melson of North Alabama says he's doing this on behalf of the teacher...

Should the Bible be studied in public schools in Alabama? It’s a question that strikes a lot of controversy, but State Senator Tim Melson of North Alabama says he plans to push for it as an elective in the upcoming legislative session.

Some Alabama schools would like to offer Bible classes, but are concerned about violating the law.
Senator Melson of Florence has filed a bill to protect them, by making the classes optional.

Sen. Melson says he is not trying to force any religion on any individual, its just from a literally and history standpoint of how the Bible led to the development of this country and other countries.

Recently, President Trump expressed his support for the idea on Twitter.

We asked parents if they would support the idea of Bible classes offered in public schools.

Mom Norah Smith say it would be a great idea, because we have kids who don’t know to much about the Bible.

Smith says there a lot to learn from having the Bible taught in schools.

Dad, Shawn Dorch says he is concerned about people of different religions having their views shared.

Senator Melson says this it’s optional for the superintendents to offer this class or not.

All sides will have a chance to debate this bill when they convene March 5th.