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Slide the City cools off The Rocket City

Slide the City rolled out their 1,000 foot water slide to cool Huntsville off during a hot summer day.
Slide the City 2
A 1,000 foot water slide complete with a 70 foot landing pool cooled off Huntsville this weekend.
Allison Guilbert says, “Get a running start and jump. Don’t be afraid of it.”
Trace Hill, who’s in Huntsville for the summer says, “I got to say the best part is the length. I’ve done a Slip N Slide before, but 1,000 feet is like like 100 times more than what I can put in my backyard. So it’s like never ending, it’s like a ten minute experience coming down. It’s cool.”
Hill’s friend, Brian Worek, says, “It’s the best it’s felt all summer. And then the walk back up, it’s so much nicer and cooler. It makes me want to go to a water park right now. It’s like so refreshing to get into the water.”
Guilbert says, “You just get like a huge, big splash of water in your faces, it’s really refreshing.”
Rebecca Castro, who slid with her sister, says, “The water, I’m like way less hot. So, pretty cool for a summer day.”
Crimsyn Gay says her favorite part was, “It’s like, when people run into me I get hit and it’s so fun and I like swirl and stuff.”
Worek says, “My favorite part is probably bumping into other people. You know everyone is going all different speeds. You got the wide lane, the narrow lane. So you’re like coming down like, oh somebody else slipped on their tube. Just crash into them.”
Gay says, “I like every single weekend. Like even in the winter it’s so fun.”
Slide the City Sliders says, “We love Slide the City, it’s the best place to be.”