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Shooting at Morgan County business

According to the Decatur Police Department, Nicholas Elliot Cazier was shot after an altercations with staff at a Morgan County business.
A man was killed during a fight in Morgan County_93514032

A man is dead after a fight at a store in Morgan County.

Decatur police officers say it happened late Tuesday morning in Eagle 1 Metal Roofing Supply shop on U.S. 31 near Hartselle about five miles south of the Beltline. Officers say Nick Cazier was shopping at the roofing store when he got into an argument near the loading dock with some employees. Police say another employee pulled out a gun and shot Cazier twice.

April Hanner, lives and works near Eagle 1, she says, “It’s very shocking. Because I have a 17 year old at home. And there’s no telling where this could happen.”

Allie Lyons, also works across the street. She says, “I was shocked. I was… I was just shocked.”

A shooting in Decatur on U.S. 31 where there’s only the Eagle 1 Metal Roofing Supply and a gas station, has people who live and work in the area stunned.

Hanner says, “It’s very surprising, very. You would never imagine it in this area because it’s quiet.”

Decatur police say they’re still investigating the shooting and questioning the many employees, who were working in the store at the time of the shooting.

A spokesman with Decatur police, Lt. Proncey Robertson, says, “Apparently it was just a disturbance there between the employees and a customer. And it escalated to gunfire. And again having one man losing his life. And we’re investigating to find out what took place.”

The people I talked to in the area that have interacted with the Eagle One’s employees say, this is the first time they’ve heard of any problems across the street.

Hanner says, “They come in to the [gas station’s] store on occasions, get coffee in the morning times. But other than that they’re very nice. It’s very quiet over.”

As of Tuesday no one was under arrest for this shooting. WZDX was told after the investigation, the findings will be submitted to the Morgan County Grand Jury and they will make a decision if an arrest is warranted or if the shooting was self defense.