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Remembering the Sisks: What family and friends want you to know

“I can’t think of any better person to be with us during the time she was needed,” said the grandmother of one of Mary Sisk’s students.

On Saturday the Sisk family will be laid to rest, but the healing process for those who knew them will take much longer.

WZDX News found out what family and friends want the community to remember about the five family members before they were allegedly murdered by their teenage son in Elkmont Monday. They don’t want rumors to take over the story of the lives they lived.

“I can’t think of any better person to be with us during the time she was needed,” said Evon Miller. Her granddaughter was Mary Sisk’s student.

Sisk was a special education teacher in Madison County known for loving her students as her own.


“She went above and beyond what was called for a teacher,” Miller said. “If my granddaughter needed anything she was there. My granddaughter has really excelled in her school work because of her.”

The other victims were Mary’s three children: six-year old Grayson, five-year old Aurora, and six-month old Colson and their father John.

“He treated me like family,” said Cynthia Black, a family friend.

The family’s murders have gained national attention, adding on to difficulties for the family.

Rebecca Sisk, John’s cousin tells WZDX: “What my family needs is love, compassion, heartfelt words, empathy not sympathy, they do not need to be dissected under a microscope. You can put anyone under microscope, you find numerous flaws.”

She adds: “Our job in life is to love others back to life.”

Some family members say they will always love Mason, the 14-year old son charged with the family’s deaths. Family friends are also trying to focus on the good times.

“I usually babysitted for the Sisk family,” one woman who wishes not to be identified told WZDX News over the phone. “[Mason] would sit with me and he helped with the baby, he helped all the kids.”

“Just remember she was always there and she will always be there,” added Miller about Mary.

Family members say they appreciate the donations to the funeral fund set up by the North Alabama Educator’s Credit Union.

Police haven’t released more information on a motive or how the murder weapon, a handgun, got into the home illegally.

Stay with WZDX News as more information is released.

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