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Alabama's voting ballot will have a new amendment on it for state parks and historical sites

Voters will see statewide Amendment One on the ballot tomorrow, and it's a yes or no vote.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It's a yes or no vote to allow the state to borrow $85 million dollars to fund state parks and historical sites. and this Amendment One is based on House Bill 565.

 I spoke with League of Women Voters of Alabama President - Kathy Jones.

"Well, if we vote yes, that what that means is that we're that we would have the money to be able to maintain the facilities that the state has acquired for the citizens of Alabama. It also would provide funding to help protect the diversity that Alabama has." says Kathy Jones, President of League of Women Voters of Alabama.

Here's what happens if the majority of voters mark no on the ballot:

"The downside would be if you don't if we don't get this funding, then a lot of our that the state parks would not be maintained, and the Department of Conservation is managed by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Historical Sites are managed by the Alabama Historical Commission.", explains Kathy.

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I asked if the amendment will have any bearings on the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act.

"That is separate. That's a different law."

The Public Affairs Research Council also shared this regarding Amendment One:

 "The $5 million set aside for the Alabama Historical Commission can be used to improve and maintain any of the historic sites or parks under its supervision except for the confederate memorial park in Marbury. The amendment specifically prohibits using the bond money there."   

Take a look at Alabama House Bill 565.

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