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Opponents of bills to ban trans youth medical treatment say 'they cannot be legislated away'

Human Rights Campaign Alabama and supporters rallied at the Alabama State House to speak against introduced bills they believe to be discriminatory.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Several supporters of trans youth rights rallied together in Montgomery today to speak against what they believe to be discriminatory legislative bills on the table.

House Bill 391 prohibits transgender youth to participate in sports. Senate Bill 10, and House Bill 1 prohibits puberty blockers.

Speakers at the rally included a lawmaker and trans youth. One teacher from the Tennessee Valley spoke about her experience with students.

"I have had trans students who when denied gender-affirming care, have resorted to extreme measures, just to be who they are each year. They are not going away. They cannot be legislated away," she says.

HB1 and SB10 are on the State House floor and pending action. HB 391 was passed by the State House.

Earlier this month, WZDX News spoke to one Huntsville parent of a transgender daughter.

"We count on our lawmakers. We believe that they are doing the right thing based on research and so when you take all these steps backwards, it's heartbreaking," says TransFamily Support Services-Huntsville Regional Director, Ali Lynn.

Birmingham pediatrician Dr. Morissa Ladinsky says gender dysphoria is what drives the treatment. 

"Dysphoria presents an anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. Substance abuse, withdrawing, academic decline," says Ladinsky.

Ladinsky says puberty blockers are only part of the treatment. Mental health vetting, and consent from parents who have legal custody of their child are required.

"We do not affirm youth who just fly by night say, 'I want to be a girl today. Here, good. Here's some estrogen.' No, no, no. Okay, that would be unethical and it would be malpractice," says Ladinsky.