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Madison County Sheriff's Office working to ensure safety at the polls on Election Day

The Madison County Sheriffs Office says there will be deputies at polling places and law enforcement will monitor social media for voter intimidation or suppression.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Here in Madison County, authorities say voter safety is a priority tomorrow.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office say they aren't expecting any issues, or anything different than past elections. They also say they have planned for Election Day months in advance.

Madison County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer, Brent Patterson, says don't be alarmed if you see deputies at a polling place.

"We don't want people to go and vote and see law enforcement, and think that there is a problem there. That's not the message we're looking at sending," he says.

The sheriff's office say they will be at polling places for election protection. "And making sure that everything goes smoothly in and around - and as well as social media. We'll be monitoring social media to make sure there's not threats as far as voter intimidation and suppression," says Patterson.

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Patterson says deputies will be at several polling places throughout the county. "That's Huntsville, that's your smaller municipalities. We're going to be working hand and hand with the smaller municipalities as well," he says.

Patterson says they have more deputies available. "We have more law enforcement employed with us now than we ever have. So with that being said we're using every available resource. No one is off, no one is on vacation."  

Poll watchers are allowed in Alabama, however officers will keep an eye out for any voter intimidation. "They have to be back so that it does not show intimidation toward the people who are out to vote," says Patterson.

As for the days following election results, law enforcement are prepared. "We're prepared at whatever comes our way. We anticipate and we hope for a peaceful vote tomorrow. It's our right. It's everybody's right," says Patterson.

The sheriff's office says if someone sees anything, to notify law enforcement. 


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