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VERIFY: Yes, you can vote "absentee in-person" in Alabama

Posts about voting "absentee in-person" in Madison County are all over social media. What is "absentee in-person" voting?

ALABAMA, USA — Posts are showing up on social media of people claiming they voted "absentee in-person" in Alabama. People are saying the applied for, received, completed, and returned their absentee ballot in one place on the same day.

Is this true?

We checked with the Madison County election website, the Secretary of State's election website, and called registars' offices in Limestone, Morgan, and Marshall counties and found out:

Yes, this is true.

In most counties, you can do this at the Circuit Clerk's office, although some counties, like Madison, have a designated Absentee Office.

You must be registered to vote and have valid Alabama voter ID to use this service, and you must go to the designated office in your county of residence. In other words, if you live in Limestone County, you can't use the Madison County Absentee Office to vote.

Once there, you can request your absentee ballot application onsite, or bring in your completed application. Your application will be reviewed and, if it's accepted, you'll receive your absentee ballot, which you can complete and return right away.

A few important things to note: you must complete all steps of your absentee ballot. Absentee ballots returned in this way are handled the same way as mail-in absentee ballots. If there is information missing, your ballot may be rejected. Deadines for absentee ballots are the same regardless of how the ballot is applied for and returned.

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The deadline to vote "absentee in-person" is October 29 because this is the last day that absentee ballot applications are accepted.

Absentee ballots returned by mail must be postmarked no later than the day prior to the election (Nov. 2, 2020) and received by the Absentee Election Manager no later than noon on election day (Nov. 3, 2020)

If hand-delivered, the ballot must be in the office of the Absentee Election Manager by the close of business (but no later than 5 p.m.) on the day prior to the election (Nov. 2, 2020).

Contact your county Board of Registars Office to find out where you can go to vote "absentee in-person".