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Parking problems continue near Huntsville High

Parking problems near Huntsville High School continue.
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Parking problems near Huntsville High School continue.

A temporary solution was put in place at a nearby parking lot, but students are still parking their vehicles on neighborhood streets during school hours.

No parking signs were placed up in on streets in the past couple of months, but the students have now migrated to Poincianna.

Huntsville City Council and the city’s traffic engineers are trying a new plan, in an effort to keep students from parking and blocking neighborhood streets.

The city’s traffic engineer composed a map, highlighting no parking zones on Poincianna. It will be presented at Thursday’s city council meeting.

Sections highlighted in blue will be no parking zones.

“We’re listening. We’re in there plugging, we’re pitching away and we want to show this to the public, let them see if they like this, ” said Councilman Bill Kling.

The mapping on no parking zones is in the planning stages.

City council wants to hear feedback from people in the community.

The new no parking zones will be in place for at least a month. If the city sees improvements, the plan will be implemented throughout the neighborhood. 

Members of the community are encouraged to attend a neighborhood town meeting.

It’s scheduled for this Monday, April 17 at 6p.m. The meeting will be held at the Huntsville Public Library in Meeting Room A.