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New app taking over the Rocket City

A new app has lots of people in Huntsville walking around staring at their phones.
Pokemon Go App
We have the answer for why all these millennials are walking around town starring at their phones. A new app came out this week called Pokemon Go.
To play you walk around your area trying to find Pokemon characters. It uses the GPS in your phone to locate where these characters are hiding. Players say it’s a great new way to be active outside.
Pokemon Go player, Abby Sexton, says, “It’s really cool. And like when you’re walking around you know that everyone is play and it’s awesome. So you like talk to people. And you’re like are you playing Pokemon. And they’re like yeah. And they’ll tell you like where things are to. And so you go and try to catch them. And it’s fun.”
Now a warning make sure you don’t play Pokemon go while you’re drive. And if you play in Big Spring Park, look up every now and then. You don’t want to fall into the water.