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New year, new shopping trends

The pandemic is expected to affect products and retailers in 2021 and beyond.

A new year brings new trends… and when it comes to shopping the experts say don't expect business as usual in 2021. Let's connect the dots.

Fewer new products, more efficiency

Usually when we head into a new year companies get ready to roll out their new products, but the coronavirus pandemic has changed all that for food companies. According to industry analysts food companies are not focusing on innovating new products. Instead they are working on supply chains. 

Not as many new products

That means actually cutting back on the number of products they sell. One expert pointed to a soup company that went from 80 varieties to 40 to increase efficiency.

New store layouts, new ways to shop

While that sounds like bad news for shoppers it might be an improvement. Research has shown too many choices for consumers actually increase confusion and anxiety. The phenomenon even has a name: "choice overload". We tend to buy more and are happier when we are presented with fewer options. Experts think with a smaller selection grocery stores will reconfigure their layout, devoting more space to curbside pickup. 

So what kind of new products will there be?

An option that spiked in popularity during the pandemic was "immune boosting" foods and drinks. Thanks to this, we are expecting to see some new products, mostly ones that claim to help your immune system. Think chocolate that contains Vitamin B-12… soda with added Vitamins C, B, and D to reduce anxiety and soda with amino acids designed to help you sleep.

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