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Murderer Judith Ann Neelley Denied Parole

Judith Ann Neelley was denied parole after serving 35 years in Alabama state prison for the murder of 13-year-old Lisa Ann Millican.

Today convicted murderer Judith Ann Neelley was denied parole during her hearing in Montgomery. 

This parole hearing comes 35 years after Judith Ann Neelley brutally kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, and murdered 13-year-old Lisa Ann Millican in Fort Payne. 

“She took her up to the canyon, handcuffed her to a tree, and then injected Drain-O into her neck,” said Michael O’Dell, the DeKalb County District Attorney. 

Neelley was originally sentenced to death, but Governor Fob James commuted her sentence to life in 1999 – which allowed her this parole hearing. 

“The only reason why we’re here is a decision made by a Governor,” explains Steve Marshall, the Attorney General for Alabama. “A decision to this day, that I do not understand.”

People who worked for discipleship groups spoke on behalf of Neelley. They said in a group exercise when they asked her what she would want the first initial of her name to stand for, this is what Neelley said.

“My first initial is “J”, but I wish my name started with “M” because most of all I want mercy,” says Janine Hayes, a friend of Judith.

But the daughter of Janice Kay Chatman, who Neelley murdered in Georgia, says that is not what “M” stands for in Judith’s case.

“This lady took two young lives and if her name did start with an “M” it would be for monster,” cried Deborah Callahan, the daughter of Janice Kay Chatman.

Neelley was denied parole and can have another parole hearing in 2023. The Millican family says they got the results they hoped for, and will keep fighting for justice for Lisa Ann Millican. 

“I am happy with today’s results and I’ll be back in five years and hope to get the same results,” shares Calvin Millican, the brother of Lisa Ann Millican.

“It is a circle that will never end until Judith pays her debt,” explains Cassie Millican, the sister-in-law of Lisa Ann Millican. “She took a life and she owes a life and she has not paid that debt yet.”

If Neelley was to ever get parole in Alabama she would be sent to Georgia prison for a consecutive life sentence. But she would also have a chance for parole in Georgia. 

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