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Mother claims her child was mistreated at daycare

A mother is seeking a child protective services investigation after video appears to show a daycare worker roughly handling a young girl after saying she wouldn...
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WEST MONROE, La. (5/31/19) — As tears fell from her face Haleigh Herrington recounted the horrifying moments of her daughter being handled in a way she thinks was too rough.

“She would look up at the camera’s like she was asking for help but couldn’t say come help me,” Herrington said tearfully.

Wednesday, she indicated that her four-year-old daughter, Dawsyn was mishandled at The Assembly Kidz Care in West Monroe.

“She threw one leg over her torso and she threw another over her little pelvis,” Herrington explained.

However, this wasn’t the first time, Herrington had heard about issues with this specific teacher and her daughter.

“Everyday I would get a bad report, Dawsyn did this, she won’t listen, she won’t pay attention, she had a breakdown and so Dawsyn would get in trouble with me, every day,” she said.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the behavior, Herrington took her daughter to a counselor. She said after multiple sessions the counselor reported to real issues.

So after cameras caught the daycare teacher taunting Dawsyn, Herrington believes things went too far. Now she wants child protective services to investigate the teacher in question before this happens to someone else’s child.

“A person can be whoever you want them to be in that moment, they may not have a criminal background, but they might not be a good person,” said Herrington.

She doesn’t hold anything against the daycare, in fact, Herrington thinks they did everything right. She confirms that the teacher was fired, arrested and charged with cruelty to a juvenile.

As a single mother of three, she just warns parents to remain vigilant and careful with their kids.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re 3 or 13, what they say matters and it means something and it comes from somewhere,” she said.

We are waiting to hear back from both Assembly Kidz Care and Child Protective Services.