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Marshall County Sheriff’s Office continues security upgrades

More improvements are coming to the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

More improvements are coming to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

Much of the security equipment at the Marshall County Jail is still outdated. Right now, they’re installing all new cameras in and outside of the jail.

Assistant Chief Deputy, Steve Guthrie, said, “All the cameras that we had in here were outdated. The majority of of them didn’t work.”

The new cameras are just the next step in beefing up security at the jail. Deputies and correctional officers also recently got new tasers, pepper spray, and guns.

“There were some of them that had been here for over 20 years. People had different calibers. It was a mix and match,” said Guthrie.

Guthrie also says there are talks of a new jail being built in Marshall County. They also hope to hire more deputies soon.

Officials say they are able to fund these updates with help from the Marshall County Commission.

“We didnt think that we would be this far along in such a short amount of time. The commission has been outstanding,” said Guthrie.