Madison schools property tax vote Tuesday: What you need to know

The future of Madison City Schools lies in the hands of voters Tuesday.

The future of Madison City Schools lies in the hands of voters Tuesday. The proposed 12-mil property tax increase would address the district’s overcrowded schools.

The first thing you need to know is where your polling place is. The city reports about 11,000 voters have a different polling place for special elections like this. It goes by city council district.

Signs reading “vote for our schools” are scattered along roadways, intersections, and front yards. Yet some people tell WZDX News they’re not sure about casting their vote because they don’t know about the proposed tax increase.

It would look like this: about $120 per year would be added to your property taxes for every $100,000 your home is worth. So if your home is worth $200,000 you’d be spending $240 more per year.

“We’ve run out of room,” Superintendent Robby Parker told WZDX on a tour to show the area’s growth. “We just simply, we’ve run out of room.”

Madison City schools have gained almost 900 students since May of last year, according to the school system. The property tax money would go to immediately building a 900-student elementary school and 1200 student middle school and adding on to the high schools, enough room for 500 more students each.

“If we don’t educate the kids that are here now who’s gonna educate the kids coming on?” said Helen Taylor who lives in Madison. “We owe it to our children to give them the best opportunity they have and if it comes out of my pocket so it come out of my pocket. If everybody gives a little bit it doesn’t take as much.”

The district has the 15th highest student to teacher ratio in the state.

“I love teaching and I think that students having more resources in the classroom is going to just impact our future,” said Alicia Mulloy, a local choir teacher. “So definitely ‘yes’ from me.”

Much support has been shown over the past year for the tax increase. Now voters just have to show up to the polls.

After Tuesday if you have a sign in your yard, bring it to one of the high schools’ loading docks. The theater teachers can recycle them for modeling material.