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Madison city officials approve new bridge project

Madison drivers are preparing to be detoured this summer while driving on Mills Road.
Madison city officials approve new bridge plans_54440755

Madison drivers can expect to be detoured while driving on Mill Road this summer.

Monday night, city officials approved plans to rebuild a bridge over Bradford Creek. Madison’s city engineer says construction is expected to take about three months and cost about $364,000.

The plan is to start after school lets out for the summer later this month and be completed right before the start of the next school year.

Nine thousand cars drive over the Bradford Creek bridge daily.

A Madison homeowner who lives on Mill Road, Danny Wilkerson, says he drives on Mill Road, “At least 3 or 4 times a day. And I turn left [to go over Bradford Creek] probably twice.”

This summer, the city plans to shut down Mill Road from Mose Chapel Road to County Line Road to replace the bridge.

Wilkerson says, “It’s going to be a pain not going to County Line Road. So we have a tremendous amount of traffic on the road, and it’s going to be a pain.”

The city planned to rebuild the bridge last year, but after an overpriced bid, city engineers redesigned it for a cheaper cost.

Gary Chynoweth, who’s the Madison City engineer, says, “The bridge has some damage on the center pier and it’s been load restrictive because of that, reduced strength. We can no longer get fire trucks over the bridge. So we need to replace it to get it up to a full strength bridge.”

However, just south of Mill Road, on Palmer Road, neighbors are worried about traffic detouring past their houses on top of traffic to Palmer Park for baseball and softball.

Barret Brown, whose backyard is adjacent to Palmer Road, says, “The game traffic for the soccer and t-ball, softball and baseball games, then that, will probably overload this road for what it’s designed for.”

Danuelle Boone, who also lives next to Palmer Road, says, “If we can work together as a community and just be aware that a lot of it is heard and keep it down. But yeah, I’m expecting it.”

Neighbors and drivers on Mill and Palmer Roads tell me, overall they like seeing the improvements. And hope there aren’t too many inconvenience this summer.

Chynoweth tells WZDX News, if you live in the closed areas you will be able to access your home from the side and you won’t need to cross the bridge.