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Locals call Free2Be closure a “tragedy”

"I have two kids and if it wasn't for Free2Be they wouldn't have me," said JenniLynne Walker-Rice, who used their services.
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A  local LGBTQ group is now shut down, all while a gubernatorial candidate calls out the governor for funding the organization.

Free2Be provides free counseling, support groups, and public advocacy to the LGBTQ community. The organization’s locations across Alabama are now closed down and there’s no word yet on when or if they will reopen. 

“I have two kids and if it wasn’t for Free2Be they wouldn’t have me,” said JenniLynne Walker-Rice, who used their services. “I was that deep in depression and suicidal thoughts. Because I don’t have health insurance they didn’t turn me away. Their services were free regardless of who you were.”

Walker-Rice is an ally to the LGBTQ community and says more people should know that they help everyone.

The Shoals Diversity Center does similar work in the Shoals. Their number is 256-284-2708. The founder of Free2Be suggests counseling services from Tree of Life Behavioral Health and Thrive Alabama.