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Hackers are after your information during the holidays

Be careful which online sites you type your card information into.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Millions of Americans will type their card information into online sites to order Christmas gifts, and thousands of scammers will be waiting to collect that information to take advantage.

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Over the last few years, cyber attacks and data leaks have increased, hitting major companies like Neiman Marcus, Macy's, and even Kay Jewelers. If you're not careful, one leaked password could turn into someone stealing your identity.

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"Just keep track of all of your online credit cards that you use," The University of Phoenix professor Stephanie Benoît-Kurtz said. "The recommendation is to find a single credit card to use online. Don't use your debit card, don't use cards that are attached to things like your direct deposit, your payroll, your retirement accounts." 

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Not only should you keep track of your credit card statement, you should also remember to make your passwords complex, and stay away from using your pet or kids names.

If your suspect that your identity is stolen, contact the Better Business Bureau. 

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Brent Patterson from Madison Sheriff's office says, "Be sure that you are able to provide documentation backing up what you're reporting as a crime. When you've got identity theft, you've got a lot of information that's got to be provided to law enforcement before we can begin to do anything with your case."



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