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Roe v. Wade is overturned. What does this mean for women in Alabama and beyond?

A volunteer at a women's clinic tells us the implications this decision could have if the case is overturned.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — At a local women's clinic, volunteers wait in the parking lot to escort those coming to use the clinic's services. Some days there are anti-abortion protestors there. Other days, it is quiet.

Keneisha Deas spoke with a volunteer at a women's clinic. She tells us the implications this could have if the decision is overturned.

For co-coordinator of the Huntsville Clinic Defenders, Kathy Zentner, she’s seen a lot.

“I have seen cars that I wouldn't drive across town and they've come from Birmingham on tires that are all literally held together with duct tape.”

“I’ve seen women who are ill. I’ve seen women who are afraid of the guy who impregnated them. I see the whole gamut of reasons why women just don't think it's the right time to have a child or the right person to have a child with.”

Zentner says if Roe V Wade were to be overturned, there would be major implications. “The clinic will cease to operate; I don't see the doctor and the owner risking their lives other businesses to continue to offer the service.”

And it would affect more than the women in Alabama.

“Last Friday, we had four patients that have driven up from Texas. We had three patients that had come from Tennessee, the week before for the week that Kentucky had stopped abortions. We had a Kentucky patient that had driven down. Women are moving further and further east trying to get services and if they shut it down in Alabama too, it is going to force everybody north and west,” said Zentner.

Zentner leaves us with this:

“I think the only hope in all of this is that women and the people that love them will get so angry that they will change the political system.”

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