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VERIFY: No, you can't get a COVID vaccine in your home

Scammers are calling people claiming they will give them the COVID-19 vaccine in their homes.

ALABAMA, USA — Have you gotten a call from someone claiming they can give your a COVID vaccine at home? It's happening in Alabama. We took a look at what the callers are claiming and if it's true.

Question: Can you get a COVID-19 vaccine in your home in Alabama?

Source: Alabama Department of Public Health, CDC

We went straight to the source for answers about how vaccines are distributed in Alabama.

The Alabama Dept. of Public Health confirms that ADPH does not administer COVID-19 vaccines in homes. ADPH coordinates the distribution of vaccine to health care providers in the state for use in specific settings, like health care facilities, pharmacies, or scheduled clinics.

They say that scammers claiming to be public health nurses are calling Alabama residents and saying they will administer vaccinations at home. A spokesperson for the agency adds, "If you receive unsolicited telephone calls, emails, or visits from persons purporting to be with ADPH and offering to administer COVID-19 vaccines at home, do not allow them to enter your residence or provide personal information such as social security numbers, birthdates, or bank information to these persons. Please notify your local law enforcement authorities about the details of such encounters."

The CDC tracks where vaccine doses are sent and requires specific reporting on distribution.

Answer: No, you cannot get a COVID vaccine in your home in Alabama. People calling to offer this are scammers.

This is not the only COVID scam circulating right now.

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ADPH and the Alabama Medicaid Agency said people falsely claiming to be employees of the Medicaid Agency are contacting recipients by phone or in-person offering free COVID-19 testing. 

Attorney General Steve Marshall, along with State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris and Medicaid Commissioner Stephanie McGee Azar, are warning that this is a scam and if you are contacted for free in-home COVID-19 testing or vaccinations, hang up immediately. 

If you are approached with these scams or any others, you are asked to report such calls to the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-5658 or send an email to ConstituentAffairs@AlabamaAG.gov.

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