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Mailman delivers smiles with cool moves caught on doorstep cameras

People are shocked to see just how spunky Anthony Guffey is when he drops off their packages and puts on a little show for their doorstep cameras.

OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. — One USPS delivery man has been spreading joy and showing off some great moves along his route in Owens Cross Roads.

People are shocked to see just how spunky he is when he drops off their packages and puts on a little show for their doorstep cameras. 

Our Sydney Stallworth spent the day with Anthony Guffey and introduces us to the man behind the moves.

Door… after door… after door. 

USPS carrier, Anthony Guffey,  brings the same energy to each stop on his route, doing a little something special when he delivers packages. 

Anthony Guffey tells our reporter, “I’m a glass half full kind of guy. So, I just like to spread positivity all over the place… and I can spread that in the front yards of all my customers."

Some neighbors have caught it all on camera using their doorstep security systems, and Anthony always puts on a show. He tells us, “I’ve been doing theater since I was six years old. So, when I see that camera on their front doorbells, I’ve got to ham it up and give them a good show. Then that way I get a good laugh out of it. Then when they see me, they say ‘Oh I saw you on my doorbell, you’re so cool!’. Then I’m like ‘Oh, that’s awesome, that made my day.’”

Anthony says, these moments mean even more during the pandemic. He’s staying busy. His package volume has really picked up. But, Anthony says that is just fine by him! He says, “You keep ordering and I’ll keep delivering. You keep me in a job and you put food on my table and clothes on my back. And my children are taken care of. That’s why I’m out here!” 

Anthony goes above and beyond, building relationships with his customers. 

He even dresses up as Santa during the holidays. He says his customers have more than returned the favor during the pandemic. Anthony tells us, “I love them all. Around Christmas time, a lot of them put out goodie baskets with crackers and drinks and whatnot, and that’s awesome. I carry around thank you cards so whenever I get something off the front porch, I write a little thank you and put it on there from the mailman!”

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