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Unzipping the 35806 with Nixon Norman!

Huntsville's 35806 is home to Mid-City, Bridge Street, and Village of Providence

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Living in The Rocket City - you are bound to frequent at least one of these three hotspots here in Huntsville - MidCity, Bridge Street or Providence - these communities make up the zip code 35806. 

An area packed full of different living spaces, a whole lot of amenities and something for everyone. 

We start off unzipping the 35806 by stopping at MidCity.

The MidCity District was recently cited as one of the 12 largest commercial real estate projects in the nation, but before there was MidCity there was Madison Square Mall. 

Opening in August of 1984, Madison Square Mall was eventually closed and demolished after standing for thirty-two long years.

Jessica Nucklos, a managing broker with Engel & Völkers, says the demolition was for the greater good.

"It was the major shopping area. Now it's MidCity....so much better, in my opinion. The Huntsville that we see now is not the Huntsville that I moved to when I was four years old." said Nucklos,  "It's totally different. There's so much more for families and young professionals to do." 

"I would have sworn I would not live here once I was an adult and I couldn't wait to get out. and now I move back." Nucklos continued, "I'm married to a Huntsville native. We love it here. We're raising our kids here. Could not ask for a better place to do so." 

Within the 35806 - there's also the village of Providence...a quaint little area that combines big city life and small town living. 

According to Nucklos, Providence was one of the first communities of its kind here in Huntsville.

"So the idea of living above a Thai restaurant or a barbecue place or something like that just wasn't the normal here." said Nucklos, "It was not commonplace. So Providence came along and just kind of changed the game."

Nucklos also stated that the 35806 has the space available to fit different lifestyles. 

"You can kind of pick what you want and find something that suits you and your family. If you want more space that's available in 35806." said Nucklos, "If you want a townhome that's low maintenance and you don't have to worry about it, that's also available. Same with apartments. It was not like this years ago."

Bridgestreet is another hotspot in the area - with over 80 different options for entertainment, shopping and dining experiences, as well living spaces too, there's truly something for everyone there.

Our 35806 expert and resident, Engel and Volkers Managing Broker, Jessica Nucklos like to takes the whole family.

"All the time. All the time. For date night to bring the kids to play. My brother and sister in law will bring their kids and we'll come here and let them run around their moms here in the mornings." said Nucklos, "When I get here for work to do fitness classes with their strollers, I mean, there's just so much for everyone to do around this location that it's just perfect."

Beyond living in the 35806 - if you're trying to show off a snapshot of the ever growing hustle and bustle of the Rocket City - this is the perfect place to do so.

"35806 is just such a central location to so many things. To me, and I've lived all over Huntsville. I've lived in 35803, I've lived in 01, I've lived in Hampton Cove." said Nucklos, "We keep coming back to this area because of the location, because how quickly we can get to just so many different things that really works for us and our family and we love it." 

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