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Unzipped: Rogersville, 35652

This month, we Unzip the 35652, Rogersville. Located about 45 minutes away from Huntsville, this small town serves as a hub for surrounding cities.

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. — This month, we Unzip the 35652, also known as Rogersville, located about 45 minutes away from Huntsville, this small town serves as a hub for surrounding communities.

Rogersville is the "Gateway to the Shoals", and although it's small... the town is mighty! 

"Rogersville in itself is actually pretty large as far as the actual limits go but as the center of it, we have this right here, which probably doesn't even span a mile, where everything is pretty much located in this one area," explains Real Estate Advisor, Greg Cook of Engel & Volkers.

Associate Broker with Engel & Volkers, Erica Crunk adds, "You're right close to the school, all the restaurants you're close to, the grocery store, you know, we're close to the grocery store, everyone loves the convenience of the grocery store. So you're just seconds from that."

Not only are things located minutes away from where you live in Rogersville, everyone knows everyone. 

"When you go out, it's not one of those things where you're not going to know someone. You go out and you automatically see several people that you know," said Crunk. 

This kind of tight-knit community isn't for everyone, but both Crunk and Cook live in the 35652 and know just about everyone, like the owner of Bloom Winery, where this month's interviews were actually shot. 

Cook says, "I called the owner, you know, 15 minutes, 'Hey, do you care if we come by and do our interviews down here to get away from the road traffic?'. You know, I love knowing everybody, everybody's close, it's great for me. I'm a small business owner here. It works out well for me, knowing everybody." 

The area also has a variety of nice homes to live in. "A lot of ranch style, very old community. It's actually a retirement community. So you've got a lot of older ranch-style homes. But we've also got in the last two or three years, several new constructions that have gone up, several new subdivisions have come in. So we've got a lot of your newer styles and you go out on the river you got everything," says Cook.

Beyond building new communities here, things like advancements in technology and the standard of living have improved as well.

Crunk says, "You know we've recently gotten the JTM and the Spectrum, the internet, which is really huge for the area, that took a little bit to get here and the community kind of pulled together. But we're doing a lot of work to accept the growth but also to that small town field that keeps everybody coming back." 

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