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“Unity Assembly” walk coming to Huntsville

Organizers are putting together a peace walk to have an open conversation about race, inequality, and steps to improve tensions in Madison County.


There have been cries for reform and justice across the country, and right here in Huntsville. One local man is organizing a peace walk to talk about solutions, and give all members of the community a place to plan and push for change. 


The Unity Assembly is coming to Huntsville. 

Participants will meet at Big Spring park to have an in-depth conversation about racism, injustice and steps to move forward. Local leaders will speak on steps to improve tensions right here in the valley.

Organizer, Frederick Richardson, says he’s not putting this together on behalf of any one group. He just saw a need and knew it needed to be filled. 

He also recognizes that tensions between law enforcement officers and members of the community are high. But, he feels the way to move forward, is to be honest about actions of the past and create a plan for a better future. Richardson says, “They’re a human being too. George Floyd was a human being. I am a human being. In order for us to be on the same page, we have to all come to the table and speak to one another and recognize that we are one community.” 

The walk will be this Friday from 3-6 pm in Big Spring Park. 

For more on The Unity Assembly, click here to view the event’s Facebook page. 

Here is a video from organizer, Frederick Richardson, on why he decided to put together The Unity Assembly and what participants can expect.

Join us at Big Spring Park in Huntsville Alabama this Friday, June 12th for an in-depth conversation with city leaders and community members on steps we can take to move forward together as a community amidst the racial tension and injustices our society currently face.

Posted by Frederick Richardson on Monday, June 8, 2020

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