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United Launch Alliance set to build 38 rockets for Amazon

ULA is set to build 38 rockets for Amazon's Project Kuiper, to eventually propel over 3,200 satellites into orbit that will allow for more access to broadband.

DECATUR, Ala. — United Launch Alliance out of Decatur, Alabama and household name and E-commerce giant, Amazon have partnered up.

Amazon has selected ULA's next-generation Vulcan rocket for 38 launches supporting deployment for its ambitious Project Kuiper, Amazon’s initiative to increase global broadband access through a constellation of 3,236 advanced satellites in low Earth orbit.

"You know, we benefit from Huntsville and Marshall Space Flight Center and everything that's space-related in Huntsville... but we also have a piece of it here in Decatur, as well," said President and CEO of Morgan County Economic Development Association, Jeremy Nails.

Home of the rockets in Decatur...is United Launch Alliance or ULA. 

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"They are going to make a $317 million investment in their facility here in Decatur to build additional Vulcan rockets. The reason for this is that they received a large Amazon contract for 38 Vulcan rockets and in order to meet that demand, they are going to have to expand their facilities and also add to their workforce," said Nails.

Project Kuiper aims to launch those 3,236 satellites into space, which in turn, will greatly enhance broadband access to people throughout the United States.

Not only will Project Kuiper benefit folks all over the nation with easier access to broadband. It'll also benefit folks here when it comes to employment here in The Valley. 

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"United Launch Alliance is gonna add 50 to their over 700 employee base, direct. You've also got M&J who's gonna add 50 and then Beyond Gravity is also expected to add an additional 150 jobs. These are high-paying jobs, you know 70,000 plus on average per year. So, that is good news for the economy and good news for the people in North Alabama," said Nails. 

FROM ULA - Leveraging a legacy of 100 percent mission success launching over 145 missions to explore, protect and enhance our world, ULA is the nation’s most experienced and reliable launch service provider with world-leading reliability, schedule confidence, and mission optimization. The technologies we launch protect our country and troops in the battlefield, enable search and rescue, aid meteorologists in tracking severe weather, deliver cutting-edge commercial services and expand our understanding of the Earth. We deliver value unmatched by any launch services company in the industry, a tireless drive to improve, and a commitment to the extraordinary.

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