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Trouble sleeping during the pandemic? You’re not alone

U-Chicago reports, changes in your daytime routines can throw off your nighttime sleep schedule. And we’ve all been through some major changes during this pandemic.


Are you having trouble sleeping during the pandemic? 

University of Chicago reports, changes in your daytime routines can upset nighttime sleep schedules. And we’ve all been through some major changes recently. 

It's not easy to rest now, without access to our usual coping activities, like exercising in the gym, or going to the barbershop or a bar to unwind. But, we have to rest. A good amount of sleep gives your body the chance to recharge and helps boost your immune system. 

With so much instability during this time, stress could be stopping us from being able to get a good night’s rest. And information overload, doesn't help either.

Local counselor Monretta Vega, with Huntsville Psychotherapy and Counseling Services, says it might help to unplug from time to time. She tells our reporter, “What we put into our body can subconsciously impact us and cause us to have negative thoughts, negative dreams, nightmares-- just cause us to not be able to sleep or be at our best."

If you’re having trouble catching Z’s, you should try limiting your screen time before bed, taking less naps during the day, breathing exercises, or even switching your sleep environment. 

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