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Traffic safety checkpoints in Huntsville today

HPD's DUI Task Force will be out looking for impaired drivers.
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Huntsville Police will set up DUI checkpoints today

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — If you're planning to get on the road today or tonight, make sure you're not under the influence.

Huntsville Police Department's D.U.I. Task Force will be conducting Traffic Safety checkpoints to find drivers under the influence.

Police say that if you are stopped at a Traffic Safety Checkpoint, be prepared to present your driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle tag registration to the officers. 

The D.U.I. Task Force uses data provided by NASO (North Alabama Safety Office) to determine "hot spots" for traffic accidents across the city. Right now, there are 57 designated hotspots throughout Huntsville, and checkpoints will be at one or more of those locations. 

Remember to also buckle up; failure to buckle up is a contributing factor in many traffic fatalities and police will be looking for violations.

If you see or suspect someone is drinking and driving please contact the Huntsville Police Department at 256-722-7100.  When you call be prepared to give the location, vehicle description, driver description, and direction of travel for the suspected vehicle.

Some of the hotspot locations are below. This is not a complete list. Checkpoints could be at any or all of these locations or others not listed. Law enforcement shares only some of the hotspots with no indication of where they will actually be.

Here are some of the Hot Spot Locations: 

  • Jordan Lane/Sparkman Dr.
    Mastin Lake Rd./Lodge Rd.
  • Mastin Lake Rd./Pulaski Pike
  • Meridian St./Delaware Blvd.
  • Moores Mill Rd./Stanwood Blvd
  • Bankhead Pkwy/Douglas Ln.
  • Cecil Ashburn/Old Big Cove Rd. 
  • Church St./Pratt Ave.
  • Clinton Ave./Monroe St.
  • Sparkman Dr./Executive Dr.
  • University Dr./Old Monrovia Rd. 
  • University Dr./Research Park Blvd.
  • University Dr./Slaughter Rd.

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