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Huntsville's MidCity District to add new stores, restaurants; Trader Joe's opening soon

If you've driven by the MidCity District you've noticed the construction and developments.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — MidCity is changing right before our eyes. Not too long ago the site was a regional mall and now developers plan to add apartments, restaurants and other attractions. 

The most noticeable addition is a Trader Joe's grocery store that will be opening later this year. 

A business developer for RCP properties, Nadia Niakossary, explains, "Huntsville having a Trader Joe's just gets us to that next level of a secondary market and brings that sort of retailer that people are looking for in a place that they want to move to." 

Metronome is the name of the new apartments being built in the district. It will bring 296 new multi-family units to Huntsville. The bottom level of the complex will have shops and boutiques. 

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"Metronome will be the first apartment building that will be open in MidCity," Niakossary said. So, we'll have apartments here in less than two years, probably closer to a year and a half."

MidCity is home to the only Dave and Busters and Top Golf in Huntsville. The district is aiming for a 'big city' feel. The goal is for residents to live, work, and play in the same location.  

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"And that's what MidCity is going to be all about, where they can live, and walk out of their front door, walk to a Trader Joe's, walk to get a drink after work," Niakossary said.

The Huntsville amphitheater will hold 8000 people and it should be open in April 2022. MidCity says we will see even more changes in the next few years.