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Be careful: TikTok challenges could get you in trouble

With more and more people going viral, it can be hard to tell the difference between internet challenges and crimes...

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — What many of those viral video challenges don't tell you is that if a challenge involves a crime it won't matter to law enforcement that it's a TikTok challenge...

Officer Grady, or Huntsville's Police Department said, "Some of these crimes that you may feel that are very low key, they still can be a felony, you know, discharging a weapon into a vehicle or whatever it might be... Blowing up a mailbox... All these different type of criminal activities, they still are involved in a crime." 

People in other videos may be fine and go on with out any legal consequences... But that may not be the case for you...

So, it's important that both children and adults think twice before partaking and filming an internet challenge... 

"If you're getting out there and you're trying to participate in these TikTok for views, and to go viral, you need to ask yourself, what you're doing- is it a crime or not a crime? So, those things you definitely need to filter through and not just do it for the likes", says Officer Grady.

Speaking of filtering what you see on the internet, parents should particularly being doing so for their children, it's really best to know what kind of content your child is scrolling through. 

Officer Grady also added, "If you know, if your child's you know, in the 10 to 15 years of age and they have a smartphone, definitely filter the sort of the activities that they're participating with on the internet. and definitely monitoring what they're going down, if they're if they're going down the road of doing TikToks that can lead to criminal activity, definitely need to discourage that type of behavior and have a strong parental talk with them that, you know, they don't need to be doing stuff like that."

Basically... It's best not to let the possibility of going viral blind your judgment. 

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