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San Antonio law firm representing multiple victims from Travis Scott concert

Eight people were left dead and dozens more were injured at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival in Houston on Friday night.

SAN ANTONIO — On Sunday, the San Antonio-based Thomas J. Henry law firm announced it will be representing multiple victims from the Travis Scott concert in Houston, according to a Facebook post.

On Tuesday, KENS 5 obtained a copy of the full lawsuit that was filed. In the lawsuit, the firm's client is suing Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation.

In an interview with KENS 5, Thomas J Henry explained why he thinks the defendants are responsible for the deaths and injuries that occurred.

"they should have had better planning before they ever had started the event...You had a mass casualty incident that was declared by officials there. You had the performers go on for 37 more minutes, Travis Scott, Drake, while you had people being injured, killed, crushed," Henry said.

He says the event organizers, who host concerts like this all over the world, know better than to put people in harm's way.

"What they did was they packed too many people into one place, too close together, and they had the ability to control that," Henry said.

You can see the full lawsuit below:

Henry says that he anticipates damages sought in the case could add up to billions of dollars. He does not expect the cases to be heard by a judge until next year.

He says this tragedy is a sign that event planners need to re-think how to hold festivals in a safe fashion.

"I think that performers and those entities that put on concerts need to hit a pause button right now, and they need to start evaluating how they make these environments safer," Henry said.

Eight people were left dead and dozens more were injured during his performance at Astroworld Festival Friday night.

Officials say people were suffocated and trampled when festivalgoers rushed toward the stage. 

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said a security guard reported that he passed out after he was pricked in the neck by a needle while trying to restrain a concert goer.

A 35-year-old man who said he was trampled is being represented by a Houston area law firm.


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