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Pet safety tips for Thanksgiving, holiday season

Although it may be hard to say no to puppy eyes, there are a few things you should avoid giving your pets this holiday season.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Whether you accidentally drop a candied yam or you just can't say no to a sweet puppy face, there are a couple of things you should look out for when it comes to pets this Thanksgiving.

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"Bones, no bones, no large amounts of meat fat, especially ham, none of the grease drippings," says Huntsville Animal Services Director Dr. Karen Sheppard.

So, no bones or grease or fat but Dr. Sheppard says you can still make a plate for your beloved pets but the key is moderation. 

When divying out portions to your pet, think in tablespoons and if you have questions about whether or not an item is safe for your pets, Dr. Sheppard says 'Dr. Google' is your friend.

Now, this next tip doesn't deal with food but could help reduce stress for both you and your pet this holiday.

"Be aware that your dog might, or your cat, but your dog might escape, run away or your dog might act aggressive towards some of the new people," said Dr. Sheppard. "Cats will go run away too because they'll be really scared."

In the instance that a pet does get out, it's important to make sure they're easily identifiable, so a collar and tag are a must!

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And if your furry friend does get into something they shouldn't have, items like hydrogen peroxide and table salt might be able to help.

"Depending on the size of your pet, sometimes, you know just a teaspoon does it but a lot of times it ends up being more like a half or a full cup and so you just want to vomit quickly," said Dr. Sheppard.

Although this should go without saying, don't give your pets alcohol. 

Dr. Sheppard also mentioned that corn cobs shouldn't be given to pets as chew toys because the cob may get stuck on its way out.

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