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Tanner residents still unhappy with plans for potential asphalt plant

Tanner residents want answers after plans to put an asphalt plant in their community are still in motion.

TANNER, Alabama — Plans to put an asphalt plant in Limestone County still have some Tanner residents very disturbed. Robbin Hines is one concerned resident who said now they have started a petition to prevent it from moving forward. "In less than two days, we've already received over 300 people who are really concerned and want to dispute this thing being in our community," she said.

Hines said crews are still working on the grounds, but they're also bringing in structural items to begin the construction process. "Nothing that we've done so far to voice our opinions and voice our concerns has stopped anything at any point. So, from what we know and what we've heard, they they're still continuing the construction of the plant," said Hines.

"Everybody acts like they can't do nothing about it, and we know they can. We've asked nicely," she continued. "We went to the powers that be, the ones that were responsible for the de-annexation, and we asked them to make it right. They sent a letter, but they could have did other things other than send a letter. Because from what they said, they were told one thing and the people did something else. So that right there is grounds for them to go back in and restructure what happened with this."

Kyle Garrison is another Tanner resident who said he has a two-year-old that enjoys playing outside that he is concerned about. Garrison also grew up in North Carolina, where these asphalt plants are a dime a dozen. "And even with the filters and the safety precautions they put on there, the EPA and NIOSH is always investigating them because they're leaking carcinogens into the air at all times," Garrison said. "There's heavy metals - beryllium, manganese, mercury, cadmium - that's all being put out into the air, in the land, within miles radius of these plants. and it's giving people cancer. It's hurting people."

Kendra Dennis is worried about the presence of a Head Start facility right across the street. "And if we can't put those children first, then I don't know what that says about our community," Dennis said. 

Overall, Hines said the people in the community are not going to put up with the plant, and that this is just the beginning. "People in the community are ready to fight back," she said. "Whoever started this whole idea to do this was very misinformed if they thought that they were just going to be able to put an asphalt plant in the middle of the town and then go home and sleep at night." 

If you would like to sign the petition, click here


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