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Tagan Fullerton Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Mrs. Fullerton says her philosophy is that you cannot teach a kid unless you learn what is in their heart and what they want to do.
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Tagan Fullerton motivates her students to care about what she is teaching by making it relevant. She makes sure that every kid understands the topic and how it relates to the real world.

“Some kids need to hear it, some kids need to see it, and some kids need to touch it,” explains Tagan Fullerton, the Valley’s Top Teacher. “But if you do a combination of all of those things, you should reach all your kids. All kids can be reached.”

Students in her AP Bio and Forensics Sciences classes at Huntsville High School say she is always teaching interesting lessons in a fun way.

“We are learning about how handwriting can lead to suspects in a case,” shares Morgan Burkett, a senior in her class.

Mrs. Fullerton says her philosophy is that you cannot teach a kid unless you learn what is in their heart and what they want to do.

“You need to know your kids one on one. If they are just a number or just a person, and you don’t get to know what they love, you’re not going to reach them,” says Mrs. Fullerton.

Although Mrs. Fullerton teaches her kids to crack crimes in her forensics sciences classes, it is no mystery to her students that she cares about each and every one of them and wants them to succeed.

“I just like how relatable she is and how you can just come up and ask her anything,” shares Connors Landwehr, a senior at Hunstville High School. “She will be real with you and talk you through it.”

“She really cares about the students and how well they do in this class,” says Morgan Burkett. “She makes sure that everyone understands the lesson.”

Mrs. Fullerton’s husband, who works for the FBI, used to actually work in forensics. She gets to share real stories with the kids to make them even more interested in the class.

“I bring some of his old cases and stuff that he did, that I didn’t know everything about, but you know, it is pretty interesting,” says Mrs. Fullerton.

But if there is anything she wants her students to take away from the class, it’s this.

“I want them to be better people, and that’s what I hope that they come out of it, in my classes,” shares Mrs. Fullerton. “I hope they come out better people.”

Mrs. Fullerton says her students are great, and her students even go as far as to say she is the greatest of all time.

“Mrs. Fullerton is the G.O.A.T.,” smiles Connors Landwehr.

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