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Supply chain issues leading to shortages of goods in North Alabama

From products to people, there is no shortage of shortages.

DECATUR, Ala. — From factories to grocery store shelves... supplies are limited. 

Anyone who shops or eats, which is everyone, has been impacted by this supply chain issue. 

A lot of the time, products aren't available because part of the materials needed to make that product are not available themselves. 

Companies and businesses across the U.S. have been facing a shortage of products but recently, there has been a major shortage of people willing to work.

ESD Job Placement Coordinator Charles Robinson says, "Part of the reason that we didn't have any more drivers, with people having to stay at home, then, of course, we got bailouts and we got money for free and nobody wanted to work."

This is particularly affecting those who run restaurants and grocery stores.

Robinson says, "If you've been to any fast food place, they're out of stuff. Where you could go get breakfast, they're out of the biscuits. Now, I mean, that's a main item on a breakfast menu, so..."

Greg Ward, Store Director of Holloway's Foodland says, "Well, really, what I'm seeing is, we are getting a lot of products in, just some of the most- I guess most popular items, like some of the juices, what customers buy every day, we are kind of limited on them right there."

Despite these shortages, Ward does his best to meet his customers' needs. He explains, "The ordering has changed, though, so like I said, some items that we're not getting, we probably won't get it in for a while now, we're just spreading out on other products. So, that's what we're doing right now. We just kind of spreading out on a lot of other products."

And luckily, the customers don't seem to mind or at least understand that this supply issue doesn't only fall on the shoulders of local business owners and employees. 

"No complaints from our customers. Our customers understand if we're out of something we got to try to get it to him, some way," said Ward.

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