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Summer's here. Check out these water safety tips.

Planning to spend some time in near the pool this summer? Remember, safety first!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A week from today, pools all across the nation will finally be open and summer will finally feel like it's here!

As more swimming pools open up, it's important to remain mindful of the risks you take on when going to the pool and some the safety measures you can put in place while you're there.

Here's how to play it safe this summer:

This first tip is extremely important, it's actually more of a fact, a fact that could help save someone's life this summer.

"Don't expect that a non-swimmer or a distressed swimmer or a drowning swimmer is going to make any noise or splashing or call for help, said the City of Huntsville's Aquatic Activities Manager, David Kalange. 

Keeping that in mind, it's best to keep a mindful watch on all weak or non-swimmers, no matter their age. 

Another thing to think about is drinking by the pool and the risks that come with that. 

"We do not recommend you drink in or around the pool areas, just because alcohol will reduce your ability to recognize dangerous situations either for yourself or for those who are swimming in the pool near you. We also do not encourage anybody to ever have glass around a pool deck for fear that would break, enter the pool, and then cut or injure anyone who might be swimming," said Kalange.

Something you may remember but need to be reminded of is the infamous pool rule...and that is no horse play surrounding the pool. 

Kalange says, "Anytime you're on a pool deck in or around water, we don't encourage anybody to be running and things like that. The water is certainly going to make it a more slippery situation in which you could fall and minor injuries could occur all the way up to major injurie, even possibly fatal injuries."

Lastly, it's a good idea to check in with yourself this summer because last summer has already been a year ago already and you don't want to overestimate your abilities.  

"Make sure that you do a skills check with your children and with yourself so that you don't overestimate our abilities. What we could have done last summer, we might not be able to do at the beginning of this summer," said Kalange. 

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