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Stuffed animals brave storm to enjoy library slumber party

A scheduled sleepover was threatened by big winds and lots of rain, but the toys pulled off the best party ever!

ATHENS, Ala. — It was a dark and stormy night at the Athens-Limestone County Public Library. The noisy wind and heavy rain were threatening to dampen the party mood as the local kids' stuffed toys planned a nifty slumber party. But the miniature Hulk and Spider-Man were brave and said they could still pull off the best party ever.

The toys explored the children's area, where they found a big supply of LEGOs, which they used to build toy-sized boats, chairs, and other things to get around the library fast.

Peppa Pig initiated a late-night breakfast party complete with chocolate-frosted donuts. Some of the other toys discovered the librarians' supplies of crayons, markers, and paper. Oh, boy, did they all have fun drawing pictures and coloring.

What good's a library sleepover without exploring the books! The Dog Man and Fancy Nancy series were pretty popular among many of the toys as they went shelf-by-shelf through the children's section.

Some of the toys were so inspired by all the books they had available that they held impromptu storytime readings. The toys agreed that Blueberry the Care Bear's reading of "All Are Welcome" was incredibly spirited.

A few of the toys were captivated by the DVD section, and in particular a few of the other Care Bears and Pikachu, who spent quite some time going through the Pokemon compilations.

The animals reported having so much fun, they forgot all about the lightning and thunder that might have scared them otherwise.

You can believe they are already planning another sleepover.

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