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State official speaks out on protests

Rep. Anthony Daniels wants people to unite, instead of divide.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Alabama House of Representatives member Anthony Daniels spoke out on the protests that have erupted all across the country. 

Wednesday night, Rep. Daniels helped lead Huntsville's peaceful protest before things got out of hand. 

Friday he spoke out to let people know the best way to handle the issues at hand, are to listen to your neighbors and hear out everyone. 

"When we talk about both sides we shouldn't be talking about police versus protesters. We should be talking about justice and talking about one thing," Daniels continued, "And so we can't allow individuals to divide us based on one side or the other. There's only one side to this, and that side is justice."

Rep. Daniels went on to add that people wanting to help make a change should take action in the legislature and by going to vote. 

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