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Aerospace, missile defense vital to the United States

Our nation is secured by our military, but the keeping our nation secure starts at the drawing board.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Aerospace and defense companies from all over gathered at Huntsville's Von Braun Center for the SMD or Space and Missile Defense Symposium.

"When you look at all the world events that are happening both in Europe and around the world, certainly there is concern about threats to the United States, threats to our citizens. And so the importance of, of what we're doing here is around how does the United States continue to evolve its armed forces continue to modernize, and what's sort of some of the new technological developments that are happening," said Senior Programs Director with Northrop Grumman, William Lamb. 

When you hear the phrase 'national security' your mind probably goes to the military, but national security starts at the drawing board.

"Our national security is dependent upon the big minds, the engineers, the PhDs that come to Huntsville, that really flock and assemble here in Huntsville, Alabama, so that we can protect the homeland, so that we can counter our enemies around the world," said Vice President and General Counsel with Gray Analytics, Jay Town.

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Staying up to date on all defense technologies is vital to our national security because: 

"Threats are always evolving and they're evolving in lots of different domains," said Lamb with Northrop Grumman. 

"We have to continually assess our enemies around the globe," said Town with Gray Analytics. 

In order to have the upper hand when it comes to defense, the United States has to be aware that we could always be a target.

"When they are developing hypersonics capabilities it is not because they are trying to position position themselves in some sort of economic way. They're positioning themselves in a military strategic way," said Town. 

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Because of this, staying head to head or even a step ahead when it comes to defense technologies is how we keep the country secure.

"There's always something new, there's always edge technology, there's always next-gen stuff and if we're not aware of it, then we're not advancing quick enough," said Town. 

The only way to make all of this happen is through collaboration. Exactly like what's taking place at the SMD Symposium.

"The US, it is seeking to counter those threats. There's a continual modernization strategy and approach and investment that needs to be made and those are the kinds of things that get discussed in a forum like here at the space and missile defense," said Lamb. 

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