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Smart Shopper: Cutting the cable cord and picking a streaming service

In this Smart Shopper story, WZDX News breaks down how to cut the cord on your cable TV and replace it with the streaming service right for you.

Cutting the cord to your cable TV can save you some cash. On Thursday WZDX News told you about cable replacements with live TV streaming. Friday, it’s all about what you need to know about movie streaming.

What are you afraid of? It may seem like a silly question to ask when we’re talking about watching TV, but fear of change is what one cord cutting expert says holds people back from saving some dough.

“It’s just a little bit scary,” said Luke Bouma, owner of Cord Cutters News. “‘I’ve had cable for 30 years,’ I hear this a lot. ‘I’ve had Comcast since I moved into this house in the ’90’s.’ It’s scary to suddenly go and change that. But in the long run with a little bit of research, a little bit of digging, you can save a lot of money and still watch the shows you enjoy.”

A research group with S&P Global Market Intelligence found people are paying around 100 bucks a month for cable alone. A lot of people say they just click through channels forever, not finding something they want to watch.

Enter: Your choice of movies and shows you know you wanna see. A streaming service like Netflix costs $9 a month. Compare that to 100. 
To clarify this isn’t a live TV cable replacement. We told you about that before. This is a streaming service that’s just movies and shows. They’re apps so you can watch on any device.

So you’re thinking about cutting the cord, but still have cable because what about your show? If you can wait a day to watch it, see if it’s on Hulu Plus.

Price comparison:
Hulu is $6 a month.
Netflix is $9 for the basic plan but $13 or $16 if you want HD and for multiple people to watch at the same time.
Prime Video is $9 a month or comes with your $13 Amazon prime membership.
Starz is $9 a month.
Showtime is $11 a month.
HBO Now is $15 a month.

Which one’s worth it depends on what you want to watch.

“I get emails all the time, it’s like ‘hey I cancelled cable but I really want to get the football game tonight. What do I do?'” said Bouma.

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Step one is always decide what you’ll be popping corn for on TV. Bouma’s biggest “do this” piece of advice is take your time and do your research.

“The big mistake people make is they cancel cable and then they try to figure out what to do next and that’s when you overpay,” Bouma said. “That’s when you get the services that are wrong for you.”

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