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Small businesses hit hard as pandemic continues

Rocket City Arcade was booming before the pandemic. Now, the arcade owners say they wiped out their savings just to stay afloat.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — The pandemic is surging in Alabama, and local businesses are being hit hard. From restaurants to arcades, small business owners have had to adapt.

Rocket City Arcade Owner, Herman Pool, said, "During the shut down, we were able to sell online and that helped a little, but nowhere near what we need to do. We're absolutely destroyed, there's no recovering."

Rocket City Arcade was booming before the pandemic. Now, they're on the brink of closing. Anita and Herman Pool say they wiped out their savings just to stay afloat.

"None of our employees missed a paycheck, and it took about three months to get the PPP money and that only lasted for six weeks, so the rest of it's been us," said Rocket City Arcade Owner, Anita Pool.

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In August, Furniture Factory Bar & Grill had to shut their doors early due to an Alabama ABC Board order restricting restaurants and bars from serving alcohol after 11:00 pm.

The restrictions were lifted the end of September. Although things are looking up now, they'll have to pinch pennies to stay open throughout the winter.

"What I'm worried about is the restrictions they put on us because I don't have a big place inside," said Furniture Factory Bar & Grill Owner, Mark Komara. "I have some restrictions on how many bar stools I can put at the bar and people ordering drinks have to just walk up, get it, and walk away. They can't stand around the bar anymore like they had in the past, but we're coping with it."

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COVID-19 outbreaks cancelling big football games have also put a dent in their sales. Now that winter is rolling in, the patio at Furniture Factory will be closing until the spring.

"My winter months, I just try to get by and you know break even, make a little bit here and there," said Komara.

Small business owners say you can show your support by simply coming in or ordering items online.

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