Smart Shopper: Should I ride-hail or use airport parking when flying for the holidays?

If you’re one of the roughly 60 million people planning to fly for the holidays, you’ve got to consider the pros and cons of ridesharing versus airp...

So you’ve booked your flight for the holidays. Now, will you use Uber or Lyft to the airport? Or will you drive yourself there and park? If you’re one of the roughly 60 million people planning to fly for the holidays, you’ve got to think about the pros and cons of ridesharing versus airport parking.

Ridesharing is a common way people get to the airport to catch their flights thank to apps like Uber and Lyft. If you live near the airport, ridesharing could be a good money-saving option.

Keep in mind parking at Huntsville International Airport ranges anywhere from $8 to $24 per day.

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When comparing fare prices, you can download both the Uber app and Lyft app to your phone, and simply plug in your pickup location and which airport you need to get to. Always remember, increased rider demand can mean a surge in pricing, which is another good reason to compare both Uber and Lyft prices. Planning rides outside of normal commute times may help you avoid price surging.

If you’re considering parking at the airport, research parking rates. Parking at the airport could be a good option for you if your flight is scheduled for a time of day rideshares may be scarce. You could also look into whether the airport you’d be parking at offers any loyalty programs for parking — offers like free parking after the airport lot is used for a certain number of days or drivers being able to reserve a spot close to their terminal.

Spot Hero is an app that can help you find places to park around the airport, so you have more options to look at in terms of parking. Of course, you can also do some homework to find out what the parking options are around the airport and go with what’s best for you.

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If you decide parking at the airport is more cost-effective for you, you can also use Spot Hero to reserve a parking spot at the airport ahead of time.

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