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Seniors: Did you get your flu shot?

Tuesday, the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center teamed up with Walmart for their annual Flu Shot Clinic. Some changes were made during the pandemic.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Seniors: If you haven’t gotten your flu shot already, now is the time.

Tuesday, the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center teamed up with Walmart once again for their annual Flu Shot Clinic

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This year's flu shot clinic looked a little bit different because of the pandemic. The clinic was held outside to make sure everyone could stay safe. 

The pharmacists on hand tell us, getting your flu shot is critical every year for everyone. But, it's especially critical for our seniors, and it could be even more crucial this year during the pandemic. 

Camron Howell, a pharmacist administering flu shots, took a moment to speak with our reporter. Howell says, “We don’t know what’s going to happen this year with COVID. We do know the viruses are going to be out there. We know the flu is going to be circulating… We want to protect people against what we can protect them against at this time. It’s so important for seniors because they’re more likely to get the infection.”

The Senior Center’s head nurse urges you to get your flu shot and consider paying a visit to your primary care physician to do so.  

She reminds people at home that there are thorough safety measures in place for doctors offices. 

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