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Self defense is for everyone...even you.

Rocket City Tang Soo Do offers free self defense classes to women and children

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — If you’re looking for a place that will teach you self defense moves, there’s one right under your nose in Huntsville. 

Rocket City Tang Soo Do was closed because of Covid-19, but on June 12  the studio had its grand reopening.

“Rocket City Tang Soo Doo is a Korean martial art where we focus on self defense techniques. We worry about bullies in school or how to defend yourself if some kind of predator comes toward you,” lead instructor Maria Germash said.

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In the United States, on average almost 20 people per minute are being physically abused by an intimate partner. Taking self defense classes could possibly save your life.

Don’t worry if you’ve never had experience with Martial arts, Rocket City Tang Soo Do invites all skill levels.

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“It’s not about how high you can jump or how high you can kick. Its what you can do and have fun with,” owner and chief instructor Ola Myszka said.

Rocket City Tang Sue Do believes that self-defense is important to learn for any age group.

Some kids say once you get started, it can be a difficult hobby to let go.

“Well I started when I was about six years old, and now I’m 12. I’ve been doing this for quite a long time, it’s a humongous part of my life,” member Haley Clark said.

Rocket City Tang Soo Do has been helping others feel strong and confident for almost twenty years. They also help out with the Ronald McDonald house.

If you need a refresher, visit Rocket City Tang Soo Do's website to join a class.