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Beware of scammers during the "new normal"

As Alabama gets back to work, scams are expected to increase.

DECATUR, Ala. — As Alabama slowly gets back to business and navigates a "new normal", scammers will be ready to take advantage of people's concerns and fears.

The Decatur Police Department has tips on how you can protect yourself from the new wave of health and financial scams expected.

1. There are no magic, miracle cures for anything, including COVID-19. Online scams and in-person promotions touting medication, tests, and sources of immunity are on the rise nationally. Follow the information provided by the Alabama Department of Public Health and the CDC.  

2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scams for additional federal stimulus relief are also being circulated to collect the personal information of those who fall prey to the scam.  

3. Watch your email. If you see correspondence from someone who says they’re from a healthcare institution, do further research to verify it is official correspondence from one of your healthcare providers. If you need to speak with someone from a doctor’s office or hospital, call them directly.  

4. Be cautious of online personal protective equipment (PPE) sales. Some deals promising masks and other equipment have been proven illegitimate.  

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about a potentially scam-related situation, contact local law enforcement.

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